HR & Statutory Compliances

Businesses are said to be value creation for stakeholders, with utmost attention to statutory compliances, rules, regulations and formal obligations. As a result, businesses are shifting from focused production & productivity-based models to a well-structured, document-based framework that keep a close eye on the compliance. This not only assists businesses in achieving excellence, but also in reporting risks followed by actions to mitigate the repercussions

Advantages of Statutory Compliance

  • Ensures fair treatment of employees

  • Ensure they are paid fairly for the work they have done and their company complies with the minimum wage rate

  • Prevents employees from working for long hours or inhuman condition

Advantage of statutory compliance to organizations

  • Avoid penalty or fines because of their timely payments

  • Protects the organization from unreasonable wage or benefit demands from trade unions

  • Prevents legal troubles as the company is fully compliant

  • Mitigate risks and increases awareness about compliance

  • With compliance in place, there is a lower risk of an adverse incident

Training to our Crew

Safety training

Safety being of utmost importance, any operators joining has to compulsorily undergo training on safety. This ensures safe working practices while operating at site.

Behaviour based safety training

This training emphasises on understanding the concepts of behavioural safety to enhance skills and make the workplace risk free.

Operational training

Perfection comes with experience and so we provide operational training with emphasis on handon training at our dedicated training center.

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