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At Godrej RenTRUST, our solutions consist of a wide range of features to fulfil all your material handling rental needs. Click on the features below to know more.

Battery operated forklift on rent

Equipment and Maintenance

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Foklift attachment on rent

Value-added Solutions

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With a customer-friendly interface, you are just one click away from choosing equipment for all your material handling needs. That’s not all, Godrej RentTRUST also offers services such as trained and skilled operators.

RenTRUST forklift on rent


Looking for solutions to move palletised load indoor/outdoor, any weather and heights. You can chose from wide variety of variants.

  • Capacity: From 3 to 10 Ton
  • Power: IC Engine (Diesel) / Traction Battery (Electric)
  • Attachments available
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Battery operated forklift on rent

Upto 3 tonnes

Electric Forklifts
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3 Ton diesel forklift on rent

Upto 3 tonnes

Light Diesel Forklift
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5 Ton diesel forklift on rent

Upto 6 tonnes

Medium Diesel Forklift
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Godrej 10 Ton forklift on rent

Upto 10 tonnes

Heavy Diesel Forklift
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Explore Explore Forklift Attachments

Paper Roll Clamp

Rotating Forks

Bale Clamp

Push Pull Attachment

Parrot Beak Attachment

Ram Attachment

Side Shifter

Godrej RenTRUST Reach truck on rent

Warehouse Equipment

Looking to improve efficiency in warehouse operations. Chose solutions from reach truck, articulated truck, order picker, stacker, with experienced team of professionals.

  • Capacity: From 1.5 to 2 Tons
  • Height: From 4.5 to 12.5 Meters
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Crown Reach Truck on rent with skilled operator

Upto 11 Meters

Reach Trucks
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Very Narrow Aisle equipment

Upto 12.5 Meters

Articulated Forklifts
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Electric Stacker on rent

Upto 6.3 Meters

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Battery operated pallet truck on rent

Upto 2 tonnes

Battery Operated Pallet Trucks
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Crown Order picker equipment on rent

Upto 2 tonnes

Order Picker
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Godrej RenTRUST industrial cleaning equipment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Uplift your industrial flooring with mechanised sweeping and scrubbing machines. Never tiring solutions at your doorstep.

  • High-speed cleaning
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Less Envionmental Impact
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Industrial cleaning equipment on rent
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Industrial sweeper on rent
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Industrial sweeper cum cleaner on rent
Sweeper Scrubbers
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RenTRUST Scissor Lift on rent

Powered Access Equipment

Working on higher heights? Chose correct equipment from widest range of products and remain safe.

  • Fuel Type: Power
  • Height: Upto 19 Meters
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Scissor platform truck on rent

Upto 19 Meters

Access Equipment
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Scissor platform truck on rent

Upto 17.60 Meters

Articulated Arm Equipment
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Articulated boom equipment on rent

Upto 19 Meters

Access Platforms
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Safety Accessories

Godrej RenTRUST Forklift with Camera

Camera System

To ensure racking operations takes place safely at higher heights so that no damage is ensured to people, goods and environment (racking system)

Godrej Forklift blue safety light

Blue Safety Light

Highly concentrated blue beam pattern on the ground in the direction that the material handling equipment is moving.

Godrej Forklift red safety light

Red Light

Safety indication lights installed on sides of the equipment. They project a red light on the ground indicating a person nearby about the presence of material handling equipment.

Godrej Forklift flashing light

Strobe Light

It’s a device used to produce regular flashes of light. This is used to warn people working near the equipment to ensure safe working conditions.

Fire extinguisher on forklift

Fire extinguisher

Offered as a standard offering on electric equipment as a precautionary measure towards unwanted fire accident.

Advantages of Renting

Less initial expense

Less Initial Expense

The primary advantage of renting business equipment is that it allows you to acquire assets with minimal initial expenditure.

upgrade equipment

Easier to Upgrade Equipment

With changing business needs, you may wish to upgrade or substitute existing equipment. When you rent, you have the flexibility of opting for customized solutions and get any equipment at any time as per your need.

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Flexible terms

Flexible Terms

In the 21st century, businesses can experience a turbulence with rapid growth or a sudden decline. Such ups and downs impact MHE operations. Renting allows the business the flexibility to scale the operations at no loss.

Maintenance on us

Maintenance on Us

Material handling equipment needs routine maintenance as well as maintenance for uncertain breakdowns. This results in loss of uptime as well as money. When equipment is rented, the responsibility of its maintenance lies with us, allowing you to relax and concentrate on your core competency.

Flexible terms

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

In today’s world technology is rapidly changing to improve operational efficiency. To keep pace with you can quickly adapt to latest technology equipment in our rental fleet.

Maintenance on us

Managing Business Cyclicity

All business have peaks in seasons or turns. To manage extra load for few days to few weeks you can rent a truck.

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