Godrej RenTRUST offers a wide range of attachments on rent along with equipment to suit variety of applications in complex material handling scenario. List of attachments includes

  1. 1. Paper Roll clamp
    2. Rotating Fork
    3. Bale Clamp
    4. Push Pull Attachment
    5. Furnace Stoker
    6. Parrot Beak Attachment
    7. Drum Handling Attachment
    8. Ram Attachment
    9. Brick Handling Attachment
    10. Carton Clamp

These attachments are available in diesel and battery operated electric forklift. All these attachments are sourced from Indian and global attachment manufacturers. Attachments on rent is just another endeavor of Godrej RenTRUST to provide complete material handling rental solution. Contact us know for more details about our attachment offerings.

Safety Accessories

red blue safety light
red blue safety light
red blue safety light
strobe light
strobe light
strobe light

Known for its value and ethics, Godrej RenTRUST pays immense importance on the safety of people, equipment and environment in which material handling operation are carried out. We provide training to our operators on safety and have adopted approach of behavioral-based safety philosophy to ensure safety becomes a way of working for our operators. Knowing that at times special tools and accessories may be required to aid forklift and warehouse operator to work safely in complex material handling environment for safety of operator, other human beings and environment around equipment and material being handled. We offer a wide range of safety accessories with our forklift such as

1. Fire Extinguisher on diesel and battery-operated forklift trucks
2. Blue safety light on diesel and battery-operated forklift trucks
3. Red safety light on diesel and battery-operated forklift trucks
4. Strobe light on diesel and battery-operated forklift trucks
5. Camera system of warehouse equipment for working safely in aisles at higher height.

Safe Log – Fleet Management Solution

Safe Log is indigenously developed fleet management solution from Godrej. Taking your equipment rental experience to a notch higher having a proactive approach to provide the best in class fleet uptime, Real time tracking of equipment, compare productivity of fleet and optimize as per your actual need, track driving behavior of forklift operator and get alerts for harsh braking, acceleration, real time fuel and battery consumption of equipment, access control to ensure only authorized operator drive equipment, document monitoring to ensure all important document regarding compliance and operators are available in a single place such as driver’s license, equipment registration document (for diesel forklift only). To know more about this feature or get one fitted on your existing equipment rented by Godrej RenTRUST please contact us.